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NOBLE FLOOF - Digital Print Only

NOBLE FLOOF - Digital Print Only


NOTE:  This is for a personalized digital portrait of your pet.  For full details on how to obtain yours, make sure you visit the "NOBLE FLOOF" tab on this website.




-(1) personalized digital illustration of your pet e-mailed to you directly.  The image will be in (.jpg) format, will be sized at 8" x 10" and will be 300 dpi.  What that means is that you'll be able to print this image at home at 8" x 10" with no image pixelization or degredation.


Not seeing an option for your specific NOBLE FLOOF needs?  Please e-mail me first with any quesitons or requests.  You can e-mail me on the CONTACT page located on this site.



NOBLE FLOOF - Digital Print Only

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