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ACTOR:  "Spooky" Dan Walker

Back in 2002, I was working graveyard shifts at Lucasfilm LTD. for “Star Wars: Episode II” with my good friend, “Spooky” Dan Walker.  This particular night, we found that we were at a bit of a standstill, with no content available for us to work on. Additionally, since we were on the graveyard shift, with no friends even awake and most places closed up, we decided to make a short film for the local “48 Hour Film Festival.”  


For those of you who are unaware, the “48 Hour Film Festival” is an event that requires you write, film, edit and finalize an entire short film within a 48 hour window of time.

This project proved to be a blast for me to make.  Dan was kind enough to lend his acting talents, and I proceeded to put together this cute little film with the help of his wife's rather hefty collection "Living Dead Dolls" at my disposal.  

Oh, and one final bit to mention… Ed and Damien, the creators of the “Living Dead Dolls” loved this film and went on to post about on their website, with a great response from their fans.  Additionally, we had a positive response from the crowd at the “48 Hour Film Festival.”


Not too shabby for two guys playing with dolls in the middle of the night!

And with that, please click below to enjoy the cheesy, bad horror that is... 'DEAD PLASTIC HANDS'!!!  GASP!!! 

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