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The “Underfoot Project” began rather unexpectedly for me back in 2008, while traveling around Paris, France.  As I stopped to get my bearings, I glanced down to see that I was standing over a small napkin with my name on it - “PAUL”, it read.  A little alarming, but humorous for me at the time.  It was almost as if through sheer happenstance, I was in the right place at the right time.  I’d later find out that this particular napkin had blown over from the local bakery called “PAUL.”


Since this first experience, I’ve found myself looking down more often to appreciate where I am at any particular moment.  Each of my photos represents a particular place and time in my life, but also reminds me personally that you can find creativity, surrealism, humor and entire stories out of the simple act of looking down at your feet.


Each of these photos are un-staged, with the general rule of having my feet always at the center.  And with that, errrr, enjoy my feet?  

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